Writing A Eulogy - Wollongong City Funerals

Writing A Eulogy

Guidelines for writing a Eulogy

If you have been entrusted with the important task of writing a eulogy, keep in mind that it should be kept simple and sincere. Even if the deceased has led a long and varied life, keep it relatively short. If you would like to, you can prepare a longer version to be handed out at the funeral, or to be included in the Order of Service.

Here are some points you may like to include:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Parents’ names
  • Details of brothers and sisters
  • Early childhood stories; location and interests; interesting or amusing details and experiences.
  • Educational history & special achievements: (schools attended; awards received; academic or trade qualifications and achievements)
  • Nicknames; personal likes/dislikes; often-told stories that give an insight into the person; special sayings, qualities, skills.
  • Details of career paths and involvement in charity/voluntary organisations; any military service
  • Details of marriages/divorces/children/significant relationships
  • Details of grandchildren/great grandchildren
  • Details of travel experiences
  • Details of sporting achievements
  • Details of any hobbies/interests
  • Details of any Club memberships; positions held
  • Lines quoted from a song or poem, or another reading of special significance.
  • Thank you on behalf of the family to hospital, carers, family, friends, etc
  • Invitation to join the family for refreshments (unless that task has been delegated to another family member).