Whom To Notify - Wollongong City Funerals

Whom To Notify

Usually, a number of people and organisations need to know about a death.

This checklist identifies most of the people and organisations you may need to contact.  It should help you to finalise the person’s affairs and make sure you can get the help you need.

If your partner has died, you may also need to enquire at your local authorities to have eligibility for concessions or rebate tested, if a concession or a rebate was previously paid to your partner.

  • Executor of the will [The Executor should be contacted as soon as possible as they retain overall say on the affairs of the deceased
  • Australia Post [Arrange redirection of mail. This service is free if the Will or Death Certificate is produced.]
  • Centrelink; Pension Authority and/or Veterans Affairs [We will notify Centrelink or Veterans Affairs, but contact the relevant authority direct for further information on any benefits.]
  • Employers [obtain details of accrued wages, annual & long-service leave & other benefits due. Ask for Group Certificate.]
  • Banks and other financial institutions [Accounts in the name of the deceased are frozen until formal requirements are met. Funds will normally be released to meet funeral expenses. Accounts in joint names are not affected.]
  • Accountant/Financial Advisor [Obtain copies of Income Tax Returns]
  • Solicitor or Public Trustee [General information & assistance with Wills or the estate.]
  • Landlord or Housing Authority [Apply for refund of bond; return keys.]
  • Home care nursing services
  • Dentist, Doctor, Medicare, Health Funds [Notify and settle accounts; arrange cancellation of Medicare & private health funds.]
  • Australian Taxation Office [Advise the tax office whether the deceased was lodging returns or not.]
  • Insurers (Life and Superannuation) [Advise insurers if home is to be vacant for any length of time. Notify building, contents & car insurance policies. Ask about any refunds.]
  • Electoral Office
  • Local Authorities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Councils) [Arrange transfer or cancellation of service; pay rates etc]
  • Motor Vehicle Registry [Cancel licence. Transfer or cancel registration of vehicles.]
  • Clubs / Organisations [Trade Unions, RSL, Social clubs etc: Arrange for membership records to be noted; obtain details of any death or funeral benefits due.]
  • Public Services / Libraries [Return anything outstanding]
  • Hire purchase / credit card companies; other creditors [Obtain details of loans, mortgages or any personal debts owed to others. Cancel store credit cards.]
  • Share & Investment Companies [Obtain full details of all investments held in the name of the deceased. Joint investments pass to the survivor on production of the death certificate.]
  • Debtors [Obtain details of loans or debts owed by the deceased.]