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Infant’s And Children’s Funerals

When a child dies, parents begin a long journey in the process of bereavement. On this journey, the bereaved parents experience many different and shattering kinds of feelings.

It is of the upmost importance in the healing process that the bereaved parents be  permitted to tell their own story, to be listened to and to have their feelings and thoughts accepted with understanding at this time.

Given that many parents are unfamiliar with various options they may have, our dedicated consultants are there to talk to you about the funeral services available to you. They will focus upon your own personal needs and wishes, including those of a religious or cultural nature.

Families who have lost a child often like to think of unique ways to celebrate the short life of that child. You can, for example, build a service around that child’s special interests or a favourite toy. Floral tributes can be created in the shape of a teddy bear, a doll or a toy car. Doves can be released, representing a child’s bright personality and is a universal symbol of hope.

Many parents choose a small white coffin to represent innocence, or opt for a coffin that can have a meaningful picture painted on it.

Other special touches include a plaster case of hand and foot, clay prints of hands, ink prints of hands, use of teddy bears in the hearse and during the service, a lock of hair, a remembrance candle and/or personalised candle, and a selection of children’s music.