Viewing - Wollongong City Funerals


A "viewing" is the opportunity for family and friends to spend time with the deceased and bid farewell in their own way. This may take place just prior to the funeral ceremony, or on the day before the funeral, depending on the family's wishes.

Letters, cards, photographs, flowers or special mementos may be placed in the coffin with the deceased at this time.

The viewing is usually held in the funeral director's premises. However, it may be held in a church, with the permission of the clergy.

Keep in mind that a viewing is not always a good idea (for example, if your loved one has been in an accident; or has suffered a long illness, or if considerable time has elapsed between the death and the viewing). Our expert mortuary team assess your loved one and we will discuss your options with you. After giving it some thought, you might decide that you prefer to remember your loved one in good health.