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Alternative Funerals and Funeral Arrangements

Our team at Wollongong City Funerals are experts at non-traditional or alternative funerals. We believe in helping you to make the funeral, rather than making it for you (though if you want us to, we can).

You have the ability to say goodbye to a loved one in the manner of your choosing. Whether that be in a funeral home, your own home or any kind of area. We believe that what you want, is what we will deliver for you. We do this because we care about you and we want to help your service be as personal and unique as you do. Below you will find some alternative funeral services. Please feel free to bring your own suggestions to us though.

Holding a Vigil

For many, holding a vigil for someone that has passed away conjures images of Catholicism and Catholic funerals. While this is a Catholic tradition, there is no reason that it cannot be used at the funeral of a person of a different faith or of no faith.

The beauty of a vigil is that it allows a time of grieving for those involved. In the religious setting it is a time for prayer, but a vigil is an opportunity for people to reflect on their grief, their time with the deceased and the future. In terms of healing, it can be a very strong way for people to accept that a person has passed away.

Should you wish to hold a vigil, it can be done in a number of places though it is most commonly done at a home. Whether that be of a family member or the deceased persons house. We can assist you in arranging the vigil in the location of your choosing.

If you would like to hold a vigil, you can talk to our team and they will assist you in the organisation process.

Involving a Death Doula

Death Doulas are people that help guide a family through a death. They can be engaged prior to death, or they can be engaged afterwards. In this way, they are very similar to one of our funeral arrangers and directors, they guide and assist the family. The key difference is that unless the funeral has been pre-planned with us, a death doula will be involved prior to the death.

Involving a doula can be a way to control the grief process, as they can provide an intimate level of care and attention to a family. If they are involved before the person has passed away, they can also help them to understand what is happening, what will happen to their body afterwards and how their friends and family will interact with them. This can be a very calming presence for a terminally ill person and their family.

Some death doulas are also able to provide spiritual assistance as well. Should you wish to have a spiritual element, this can range from traditional religious spirituality, to non-traditional. It is entirely the choice of the person and the family. This is something which you can bring up with your funeral arranger or with the doula, but please remember that not every doula may be comfortable with some practices. It is always best to communicate your wishes at the earliest stage, so that we can make the best preparations with you.