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pre-paid funerals

If you choose to pay for your funeral service (rather than leave it to your relatives to sort out) - Wollongong City Funerals would generally recommend you do so via either a Pre-Paid Funeral Contract or a Funeral Bond

We consider both of these investments to be secure (your money is held in trust by a Government-backed secure financial institute). More importantly, we consider these investments to be ethical.

We would generally not recommend Funeral Insurance to you - as these could cost you many thousands of dollars more over the long term and if you stop paying your premium, you may risk losing your coverage (and everything you have paid to that point).

Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts

A Pre-Paid Funeral Contract is a three-way contract between you, Wollongong City Funerals and the Trust Fund (Financial Institution). We will guide you through the planning process and explain all services and products that are available to you. Payments are also made easy. You can choose to pay a lump sum or to pay by instalments.

  • The funeral arrangements that you choose are carefully itemised.
  • You pay for the service at today’s prices.

When you organise a pre-paid funeral, you can relax knowing that (a) the plan is protected against inflation and (b) the funeral service will be carried out the way you wish.

Some details you need to consider

Where would you like to hold your service?

Will you choose burial, crypt or cremation?

What special features do you require? This may include:

  • Choice of coffin
  • Chosen cemetery
  • Placement of ashes in case of cremation
  • Religious or civil service
  • Choice of flowers
  • Newspaper\ media notices
  • Mourning cars
  • Doctor’s Certificate in case of Cremation

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Funeral Bonds

Many people wisely choose to set aside money to be assured that a funeral does not impose a financial burden on their family or friends. A funeral bond allows you to provide for future funeral expenses with peace of mind.

Simply put, a Funeral Bond is like an investment account where money is saved to help cover funeral-related expenses. Annual bonuses are paid and added to the principal of the Bond, and go toward the cost of the funeral.  However, unlike a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, a Funeral Bond may not cover all funeral expenses.

A funeral bond is not a legal contract between the bondholder and Wollongong City Funerals, unlike pre-paid funerals, and therefore provides some degree of flexibility. Funeral bonds are easier to transfer to another funeral home if at a later date you move out of the Illawarra.

Asset and income test exemptions apply to people who receive full or part means-tested pensions from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs. Depending on your circumstances, this may mean you are entitled to a larger pension. Please check your own circumstances with your Financial Planner, Government Agency or Accountant.

Once the money has been invested and the 14-day cooling-off period has expired the funds may only be used to cover funeral expenses.

You will not be required to include annual bonuses in your income tax return, and tax paid on fund income by F.P.A is expected to be fully recovered when bond proceeds are paid to meet your future

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