Training and Education

Education and Training

Wollongong City Funerals

At Wollongong City Funerals we are proud to partner with Mountain View Crematoria in order to provide training and education to the public and healthcare professionals. In these education sessions, attendees are able to have a first hand look at the death care and cremation processes.

These training and education sessions are useful for people to gain an understanding of what happens to a loved one after their passing. For those in the healthcare profession it is an opportunity to gain knowledge which can be passed onto those they care for and for professional development.

Our Commitment to Transparency

We offer this free and complimentary service in order to maintain our community commitment of transparency. For many, the funeral industry is not one which they are familiar with.

Further, we offer to all those that join us a certificate of completion. This indicates that those who have attended have gained an education on the processes which we have in place for after death care. We are committed to providing a transparent service.

Cremation Education and Training

Sessions on cremation are held at Mountain View Crematoria, 21 Waverly Drive Unanderra, and are hosted by Julie Geraedts. Julie is the manager of Mountain View Crematoria and has worked in the funeral industry for a number of years. At the cremation session you will receive a tour of the crematoria and receive instruction from a cremator operator.

After Death Care Education and Training

After death care sessions can be held at Wollongong City Funerals, or other participating funeral homes. Please contact Julie Geraedts in order to book or enquire about these sessions. In these sessions, you can expect a tour of the funeral home, with instruction and guidance. These sessions can vary depending on where they take place.

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